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The True Value of Travel Agents

  1. We specialize in specific destinations and resorts.  We get to know you, so we can provide recommendations that are best suited to your needs, personalities, and interests.  Our agents have experienced many of the top destinations and resorts and can offer you their personal insights.
  2. We are a guide for your journey.  If you are looking for an experience straight out of a magazine, or something more unique, these types of destinations require professional planning, coordination, and expert advice.
  3. We know how to book groups.  Our travel agents can organize all the details for your groups, whether it is a destination wedding, a large family group traveling together, or a group of college friends.  From coordinating flights, handling all of the special needs, documentation and payments, we take care of all the details so you don’t have to!
  4. We’ve got your back.  With only one opportunity to get your vacation right, your occasion is best not left to chance.  We’re by your side to provide service and support before, during and after your trip.
  5. We are your personal travel concierge.  Our job is to make your vacation as special as you are.  We have the expertise to perfectly orchestrate every detail of your trip, so you can focus on your priorities.
  6. We’ve got access to VIP experiences.  We use our industry relationships to provide you with exclusive privileges and special touches to create lasting memories.


Planning with Elite Escapes Travel Agency

How do you get started working with Elite Escapes?

First, fill out this form! After we receive some basic information, you will be contacted by an agent. Based on where you want to travel either Leah or Shayna will be the travel agent to work with you on your vacation.  During that email conversation or phone call we talk about your ideas, we give you feedback and how we can assist you with your itinerary.  We also discuss our planning fee.  Based on where you want to travel, how complicated the itinerary, and the type of event our planning fees start at $150.00 USD.

Second, once you decide to embark on your adventure and want Elite Escapes to assist you we offer a variety of ways to pay the fee:  Paypal invoice or a face-to-face meeting (if local) to pay with cash or check.  Our planning fee is non-refundable, which is discussed as well.

Third, the fun begins!  We take your ideas and shape them into reality.  We make suggestions on hotel accommodations, tours, modes of transportation, etc.  We collaborate with you every step of the way to hear your feedback and to make sure we are staying in budget.  Hey, if you don’t have a budget, the sky is the limit!  We can craft something truly amazing!

Fourth, once the itinerary is final we discuss deposits, payments, cancellation policies, travel insurance, etc.  We want you to know what is in that small, fine print!

It really is that simple, because that is our goal:  customer service that is client-focused.  Are you ready to start planning!  Contact us to get started!

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If you are ready to take the next step with Elite Escapes and begin your dream travel experience, simply fill out the form below to get started!

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Custom Itineraries
We design your vacation around your interests, needs and desires – not on what is the easiest or most profitable for us.
Exotic Destinations
Not everyone wants to go to Mexico or Hawaii. We have access to some of the most remote, exotic, and beautiful destinations on earth. 
Unsurpassed Service
At Elite Escapes we treat your vacation as if it were our very own, and we pride ourselves on bringing exceptional service to each of our clients.